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  • Innovatus Validatus et Structura Holding (“IVS”) is a specialized resource integration company for developmental undertakings.

  • We arrange complete resources, including advisors, developers contractors, financing, and the creation and management of consortiums.   

  • We focus on emerging markets and we collaborate with Government agencies and the Private Sector. 

  • We maintain operations in the United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Vietnam.


Cover the range of:

  • Plant EPC, BOP EPC, O&M and Consortium Arrangement and Project Development.

  • Plant EPC, BOP EPC, O&M and Developer Arrangement

  • Project Development

  • IoT & smart Services Integration

  • Structure and Negotiation of Transactions

  • Expert Referral

  • Resource Integration

  • Financing, include Project Finance, Capital Structuring, Capital Raising, Valuation and M&A .

  • We target large scale BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer), BOO (Build-Own-Operate) and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) opportunities, and facilitates both individual resource integration and referral services as well as complete end-to-end consortium construction and oversight.


  • Proven expertise in complex international structures.

  •  A sound understanding of local economies, industries and cultures, enabling us to facilitate the successful arrangement and execution of highly complex projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

  • Proprietary private capital market solutions which enable the arrangement of custom-tailored project financings, enhancing project value.  

  • A best-in-class network of global strategic partners, alliances and institutional affiliates which allows us to quickly vet and deploy top-quality experts and resources to a broad range of market segments and geographical locales.


IVS maintain high-level strategic relationships with many of experts in the fields of finance, advisory, design, construction and technology, some of which include the following: 


Advisory / Finance / Renewables


Advisory / Finance / Renewables


Advisory / Finance / Energy


Advisory / Corporate / Tax


Advisory / Operator / Healthcare


Finance / Investment Management


Advisory / Finance


Advisory / Finance


Advisory / Finance / Legal


IVS’s core expertise and business focus is comprised
of the following Areas of Interest










  • For centuries, cities have been consumers and wasters of energy. With global populations rising and urbanization increasing, Governments are at the peak of recognizing the most difficult challenge and greatest opportunity for man and the environment.

  • We believe the decisions we make today will determine our long-term prospects as a company. One of those decisions is to ensure that the communities we serve have the resources and support they need to thrive – now and well into the future.

  • We play a central role in the development of the global renewable energy.

  • We have a portfolio of affiliates, resources and services which together can meet demand from the industrial, public and commercial sectors on any scale.

  • We are living in an incredible period of transformational change. The world stands on the cusp of what could be the greatest era of advance and discovery ever seen. There is a need to urgently redefine the way we generate, transmit and consume energy to support a growing population facing the challenges of energy security and climate change. The world must transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to one where renewable energy sources allow current and future generations to continue to progress and live affordable, healthy and happier lives.

  • We believe that supporting the welfare of communities we serve is directly tied to our commitment to sustainability.

  • Our Company possesses significant knowledge of renewable energy markets, clean technologies, fuel sources, project development, project finance, project delivery and operation resources. The Company is focused on delivering optimal returns for shareholders through the diversification of technology, development and jurisdictional risks using Biomass, Wind, Geothermal, Anaerobic Digestion and Solar renewable technologies apart of the conventional oil and gas means of energy production.

  • OUR MISSION is to be a leader in this age of disruptive technology change, driving the vital energy transition by providing a diverse and growing range of energy and infrastructure projects and services that will be key to creating a low carbon future and help governments develop their infrastructure and attain sustainable economy growth.

  • Our activities are driven by our guiding principles of Integrity and Client Satisfaction.


Our Focus

  • We focus on low carbon businesses and future growth options apart from oil and gas. These include biofuels, and a range of other longer-term technology investments.

  • We strive to deliver long-term value. This means putting ourselves on the forefront in terms of seeking cutting-edge innovations. We create insights and develop options to enhance the long-term value of our company in this demanding industry.

  • Companies that are able to adapt, stay ahead of the curve and create the necessary change rather than simply reacting to it, stay healthy. We use our experience and international resources and affiliates to identify technologies that would serve client demands and meet objectives. Our focus is on proven innovations in its broadest sense: new technologies, new business models, new geographies and alternative ways of thinking.

  • We aim to focus in emerging carbon market projects and mechanisms.

  • We approach our customers along with our wide and rich resources of reliable niche companies in the industry, rich with a broad array of power generation, energy delivery and water process technologies to solve their challenges locally.


Our Approach

  • Upon identifying an opportunity and securing the board approval to engage we, depending on the opportunity requirements, have the capacity to build a consortium for complete turn-key solution or integrate our resources to fulfill client needs resulting in the formation of a solid consortium liable and capable to deliver.

  • Our experts engage from the very design and development phase, followed by planning and financing, and later on the construction and commissioning , followed by the monitoring, maintenance, technical management and insurance. 

  • We are committed to absolute top quality services, where our team of experts and management are subject to stringent quality control to ensure that, wherever we are in the world, our delivery conforms to the highest standards. 


Areas of Engagement: Our engagement covers all sectors of development in the field of energy

  • Innovative renewable energy solutions, including: 

             - Wind

             - Solar

             - Geothermal

             - Biopower projects

             - Alternative Fuels

             - Coal

             - Hydropower

  • Refineries  

  • Smart Grids

  • Waste, Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment


The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to revolutionize and change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.

IoT will be the future of the way we do businesses. Whilst that is said, we do not undermine R&D and planning wherein a failure to plan and be ready to address challenges is a key for failure, we act ahead in for securing a better tomorrow. With a total estimate exceeding 35 Billions devices would be connected to the internet by 2020, IVS focus to participate and play a role in improving the hectic life of the century, through its striving team of professional and skilled in house resources as well as through the engagement of key players in the industry leading to deliver optimized valuable , efficient and cost effective services and solutions tailored to our Clients.



  • The Housing sector is of critical focus to our Company and is of the highest priority to us. We believe our contribution to serve the social housing programs in the territories we operate shall become a trend and a bench mark of services to be remembered for generations to come.

  • In our approach for turn-key solutions we attend to a variety of housing development programs :

        - Complete Integrated Smart Housing Development,                   “Smart Houses”

        - Social Affordable Housing

        - Integration for Resources to serve local low cost, middle class housing projects

  • Global climate change is widely regarded as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and the housing design and construction environment is a major contributor to C02 emissions, one of the main factors believed to be causing climate change. A decisive shift in the way buildings and cities are designed, constructed and operated is required to reduce C02 emissions and limit the severity of climate change. 


Smart Housing

  • Global statistics show that around 40% of the energy we use is consumed in houses. Therefore, it is crucial that we make changes at home, so as to reduce energy consumption within housing heating and cooling.

  • Low-energy and Smart house concepts are visions of the future. The low heat consumption in these homes is achieved by various means, including extra insulation, highly efficient windows, ventilation with efficient heat recovery, utilization of passive solar heat, rain water harvesting systems, green roof design and waste recycling. This means that the layout of the houses has to be carefully thought through.

  • Today’s city planners must balance a host of critical components such as infrastructure, services, culture, interconnectivity, transit, energy and employment, in order to create a city that can withstand the growing expectations of an ever-expanding population. Master planning and keen vision, therefore, are critical. Planners must not only carefully consider and align multiple interdependent requirements, but must also be able to forecast what the city may need 50 or even 100 years into the future to ensure that the urban landscape is expandable and adaptable to future innovations.

  • Today, we are seeing the emergence of ‘smart cities’ that leverage purpose-built technology platforms to achieve greater efficiency and administrative capability. From street lighting and local security to waste water management and power distribution, cities will increasingly leverage new technology to create more livable and environmental ecosystems in which people will want to live and work.

  • One of the most significant challenges for planners of new cities is creating the optimal balance between employment opportunities and residential development. To achieve this, many local and national governments have started to examine how they might best incentivize business to relocate or start-up within their urban areas. In large part, this is often related to the strength and availability of infrastructure.

  • Building a new city from scratch, or redeveloping a declining city, or serving such demand within a specified territory, requires significant funding to ensure that all of the critical components can be developed according to planning timetables. The involvement of the private sector will be key to this success, hence this will require governments to pay considerable attention to how they structure and attract private investment in infrastructure or engage in fully finance certain components that may be economically inviable for private organizations.

  • For this, we bring in a consortium comprised of the best in the global industry, that address the needs of local developers and/or government agencies, and we structure, manage and deliver turn-key solutions accordingly.


Social Affordable Housing

  • With the current global financial crisis and booming emerging markets, the country’s established cities cannot even begin to absorb the exponential growth in population and domestic migration to cities without significant change. Indeed, for most cities within emerging and developing markets - not ignoring the rest of the world – existing infrastructure is already strained to the point of collapse. In response, many jurisdictions are thinking seriously about how they might either extend their existing cities, or build entirely new urban areas to support the needs of the masses of aspiring urbanites.

  • It is here that we come with our passion to serve this sector, knowing the extent this element contributes to social stability, human welfare and economical growth. Our resources and in-house expertise in all disciplines ensures our undertaking will result in developments consistently, through a setting of :

  •          - New standards for creative design

             - Innovative and smart engineered financing

  • Given our over 40 years of experience in debt and equity financing, as well as our extensive management expertise, we are well positioned to structure and deliver highly competitive and affordable solutions to the community we serve.

  • In addition, with our network and affiliates extensive development experience, we bring the knowhow to expertly deliver and develop the projects, thus assuring the continued viability of these projects for decades to come.


Areas of Engagement : Our opportunities are focused mainly on 

  • Proposals called in by Government or private sectors

  • Favorably to Government off-take institutions serving government employees. 

  • Through solicited unilateral proposals concluded through negotiations. 

  • Lastly through integration with Domestic Developers seeking international engineered financing.



  • In both the developed and developing world, cities are striving to provide a raft of critical urban infrastructure assets to support their burgeoning – in some cases unrelenting – growth; more effective transportation systems, reliable and low-carbon energy, safe and secure water networks, and efficient and scalable social infrastructure will all play central roles in the smooth transition to urbanization. So it is hardly surprising that political and business leaders are now keenly focused on cities and their impact on everything from economic growth and social well-being to climate change and sustainability. There is no time to waste. In the developing world, the urban population is expected to jump by more than 1.3 billion over the next two decades, with each new entrant seeking better employment opportunities and a higher quality of living that can only be delivered through efficient and effective urban infrastructure.

  • In the territory of our attendance we are witnessing the growth of the middle class, following the growth in the national economy, which will surely have a significant impact on the transportation systems including railways, highways, ports and airports. There is a growing trend towards wider home ownership, where traditionally people would tend to live with their families or relatives, which will enlarge the footprint of cities and increase the demand for services such as water and energy facilities. As a result of this, the integration of growing utilities demand, along with newly built transportation and infrastructure are struggles that Government aim to conquer post-haste in order to avoid jeopardizing the growth in the economy and incurring social problems.

  • In the developed world, too, a massive amount of new infrastructure will need to be cultivated to meet the growing and shifting demands of established urban populations. Rapid urbanization isn’t the only change facing urban infrastructure planners. Technology is sprinting away at an amazing pace. Twenty years ago, no city planner had considered the benefits of a smart grid, the Internet was virtually non-existent and commercially available electric cars were the stuff of science fiction. Environmental concerns have also risen up to the top of the agenda for citizens, businesses and politicians alike. Today, it is no longer good enough to simply maintain the status quo; rather the world now demands that our infrastructure not only be efficient and effective, but environmentally sustainable as well.

  • It is at this juncture that we come to help the Government and private sector within the emerging markets, and our business activities will have a positive influence on the day-to-day lives of thousands of people. Through our international integrated and synchronized resources we are creating environments where people and businesses can flourish.


Areas of Engagement

  • We are here to join hands and efforts; with Government institutions and/or private sector entities, in addressing these problems and delivering turnkey solutions, engaging the arrangement for  consortiums to undertake development of opportunities in the fields of:

       - Secondarily through solicited unilateral proposals                    concluded through negotiations.

  •    - Economic Cities

       - Free Zones

       - Roads and Highways

       - Railways

       - Airports and Marine Ports

  • Our opportunities will be focused mainly on:

       - Proposals called in by Government or private sectors

       - Lastly through international biddng attended by our               consortium as an international bidder or through an              integration with credible local domestic developers in our      targeted territories




  • Being driven by rising patient expectations, shifting demographics and aging populations, the changing nature of healthcare means that patients not only rely on skilled doctors and new technology for recovery.

  • As a result, the healthcare infrastructure sector is also encountering a significant change in both the type of projects and services being procured by healthcare systems and, with it, their funding and financing structures. Across the spectrum, healthcare infrastructure is experiencing somewhat of a rebirth and health systems around the world are now facing two distinct challenges: ‘pains of old age’ or ‘growing pains for non-attended patients”.

  • Approaches to healthcare finance are entirely dependent on the ability of governments and system administrators to find sustainable sources of long-term finance. It is clear that the global financial crisis is putting a huge strain on the project finance market which is under regulatory pressure which may prevent long term lending. In turn, this will start to influence the way policy makers approach healthcare funding.


Areas of Engagement

  • Accordingly as we realize the need for government agencies, administrators, operators and developers to change dramatically their approaches to healthcare development, we come with sophisticated, well structured and engineered solutions comprising of various international players in the industry that can attend and address any of the following potential solutions:  

    - Consortiums offering a form of value/debt underwriting or    other medium-term assurance along     with lenders ability    to offer shorter-term funding

    - Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models

    - A Consortium Structure wrapping together development       and operation, to increase innovation, cooperation and           accountability between the construction contractor and         the operator.

    - Supporting Government through financing engineered          particularly to serve Government needs along with an            upfront equity shared fund



  • The company provides highly sophisticated consulting services related to private investment structures and project financing. We structure, execute and manage diverse and innovative private market financial transactions for corporations, investment funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. Our team assists our clients worldwide to efficiently achieve project financing objectives by facilitating access to proprietary private capital market solutions.

  • We assist clients to obtain the optimum form of finance with lowest risk and highest availability of capital. We have the resources and relationships to provide each client with innovative and efficient financial structures. We assist clients in sourcing debt from traditional providers, such as banks and insurance institutions, as well as non-traditional organizations. We also facilitate protection of capital for high-risk ventures through access to proprietary principal protected note programs.

  • We seek to provide our clients with a broad range of capital resources. Our extensive relationships, together with our understanding of local economies, industries and cultures, enable us to facilitate access to decision-makers worldwide. Our international presence permits us to serve clients in a broad range of geographic markets.


Financial Advisory Services

  • In addition to assisting clients with capital resources, we provide expert advice on corporate structuring, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings. Our finance team provides project development services, private sector procurement, and government relations services.

  • IVS guides clients through the entire process of acquiring companies. In the acquisition process, we provide the following services: 

       - Development of Acquisition Criteria and Strategy

       - Identification of Target Asset and/or Enterprise                        Acquisition Candidates

       - Valuation of Target Companies

       - Due Diligence Support

       - Structure and Negotiation of Transactions

       - Sourcing of Capital to Complete the Transaction

       - Assistance in the negotiation of Transaction Agreements


Private Equity and Wealth Management 

  • The Company identifies, structures, implements and manages proprietary investments in privately held enterprises. Our Private Investment affiliates make proprietary investments in privately held businesses in target markets and industry sectors. Principal investments are generally made directly and through funds that we raise and manage together with the clients.

  • Through our world-class affiliates, we provide highly customized financial advice and investment solutions to institutions, individuals, high net-worth families and foundations. The asset management services affiliate offers a broad array of investment strategies, advice and planning across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals, pension funds, hedge funds, foundations and high-net-worth individuals worldwide


Private Client and Family Office Services

  • The Company has the capability through our world-class affiliates of providing clients with custom-tailored sophisticated financial solutions and access to expertise and investments typically reserved for large corporations, financial institutions and governments. The team approaches asset management with the goal of delivering strong, consistent results, built on our global resources and relationships, thoughtful analysis and research, as well as significant risk management considerations.

  • The investment approach begins by working closely with clients to identify their long-term goals and risk tolerance and to understand the nature of their overall needs and objectives. 

  • The managers then develop long-term asset allocation strategies and work with each client to implement an appropriate portfolio responsive to the specific client. Additionally, each client’s portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis and evaluated for rebalancing and adjustments responsive to economic changes and client requirements. 

  • We are affiliated with a highly recognized world-class Private Family Office (“PFO”). The PFO is a multi-family private office group, providing family office services throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. Drawing upon our PFO affiliation, IVS has the capability to facilitate provision of world-class family office services to high net-worth clients. 



  • From the standpoint of operational complexity, current conflicts and future crisis scenarios are markedly different from earlier wars. Often deployed in unfamiliar, faraway places, troops today find themselves faced with a whole host of new operational challenges: the threat of asymmetric attacks by insurgents or international terrorist groups now has to be factored into every operations plan

  • Accordingly what counts is the level of readiness, ability to react and eliminate any sort of threat that could rise. That would necessitate the readiness for all calls at all time, through the process of training, updated with latest technologies, served and well equipped  

  • Responding to ever changing threats to national security, our company through its board members has the ability to reach and source products via the network of relations / affiliated / represented international companies that are well versed and world leaders in the Security & Safety Industries,  

  • GROUP offer Studies, Problem Solutions, Training, Systems, Equipments, and overall integrated systems for internal security and defense missions , Our Safety & Security Arm Operates under a strategy simplified as follows :




    - HANDLE PROCUREMENT COORDINATION                                     (DIRECT/INTEGRATE WITH G-TO-G)





    - TRAIN





  • BERETTA                                                  BROOK & PARTNERS

  • YUGO IMPORT                                        CENTIGON

  • ORELIKON CONTRAVES                       FIOCCHI

  • MEN                                                          SCHIEBEL

  • SIEMENS                                                  SCHNABEL

  • ESG                                                           ULBRICHTS

  • HARSHA                                                  AIM

  • OK WON                                                    SPELCO

  • DRAEGER                                                OWR

  • AMP                                                          FINMECCANICA

  • FFG                                                           OWR


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